Run Boys

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Join the thrilling race in Run Boys

Welcome to the extremely fierce race where there are countless challenges waiting for you. Your task is to try to run as fast as possible because you have to compete with many other opponents. If you are a few seconds behind them, you may be disqualified. These races help you practice great skills. You can use your skills to win.

The race in the game will have the participation of many opponents from all over the world. You can join the game to hone your abilities. You will probably run faster in many other races. If you love running games, this game is launched for you.

Controls: WASD to move.

Some remarkable modes in Run Boys

Plush Rush mode

The game has two modes. If you select this mode, you will compete with 20 other people. Those who finish the last race will be disqualified. Races will continue until only one player remains on the playing field. Try to survive as long as possible on the leaderboard. Improve your speed to become a champion. In addition, you need to focus on the obstacles. You have to avoid colliding with them to win.

Earn Coins mode

This game mode allows you to earn more gold coins. You have to run away from the monster's chase. If you can reach the exit portal, you win. As a result, your coins will increase significantly. You also join it to train your skills before joining the race.