Run 3

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About Run 3

The mechanics of the game

Run 3 is an endless running game where you need to navigate your little alien through a tunnel. Let's help it to get more points and move to the next level.

Your task is very simple that is to run as far as possible and not fall out of the tunnel. Avoid falling bricks, holes, and traps. They will be more numerous and more densely distributed as you move to high levels. If you hit the wall, the tunnel will rotate, creating novel feelings. So, this intense and endless running game takes you on a fascinating journey of discovery. You must guide the little gray alien as it passes through the dangers to reach its destination and continue to the next level. Move along any surface of the tunnel to find the safest route and find out how long you can survive!

Moreover, there are a lot of levels to try. At each level, the number of holes will increase. in addition, the traps will be more complex. Be careful. Another interesting thing is that both the tunnel's color and the tunnel shape can be changed. You will not feel bored when playing.

Control the alien

Use the arrow keys to move.

Use the space bar to jump.

The outstanding traits of Run 3

The modes

  • Explore mode: In this mode, you the gaps and falling bricks are not much, and you can control your character easily. In addition, the alien's speed is medium level, so it is suitable for many people.
  • Infinite mode: On the contrary, the tunnel of this mode will have numerous holes. The safe place to run is limited, which makes the game more challenging. If you love speed games, you should choose Infinite mode to play.

The shop

  • Skin: In this section, you can use your coins to buy a lot of cute aliens. The aliens here are eye-catching and attractive. They are Halloween Stickman, Lady Skater, Winter Skater, Child Stickman, Stick Rabbit, etc.
  • Coins: You can receive more gold coins when you click the Coins section in the shop. Let's watch an advertisement to get 50 coins.