Robbers In Town

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What do two robbers do in Robbers In Town?

In Robbers In Town, the two robbers can act while there are no city lights on. They need your help to go away safely and collect more coin bags.

Stealing and robbing are the worst things. We should not learn from any action. However, if you want to have fun with the game where robbers are the main characters, you can try this game. The game requires you to combine many operations to complete the task, which is similar to Monkey Mart. In addition, if you want to take revenge on robbers, you can also participate in this game.

Two robbers came to this city with the purpose of stealing the property of the people in the city. They have been waiting all day. When the whole city fell into darkness, they appeared. They have acquired quite a fortune. So they need to run away from this place as quickly as possible before they are caught.

In order to escape, they must run to their destination. However, their path must be very challenging. A series of wooden crates blocked their way. In addition, there are many wooden crates containing explosives. If either robber touches them, the wooden crate will explode.

How to help robbers

If you do not like robbers, you can make them blow up. However, it is not the ultimate goal. You cannot advance to the following level if the robbers died. You need to control them to run away. With the first robber, you need to press the right arrow key to jump. Double-press the right arrow key to jump higher. Press the left arrow key to assist the second robber jump. Remember that you need to press the keys quickly because the distance between two robbers is very short. If you do not act fast, the second character may crash into the wooden crates. If one of the characters is eliminated, the game is over.