Rise Up 2

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The exciting mission in Rise Up 2

Protect a balloon chicken print in Rise Up 2 to complete many levels. To get high scores, you need to prevent the obstacles from touching your balloons.

Welcome to this entertaining game. The game will give you extremely new gameplay. You can enjoy and relax. If you are passionate about Casual games, the game is suitable for you. You can join it and try your best to level up.

In the game, you will use the mouse to control a small white circle. This small circle will be the shield of the balloon. Therefore, you must ensure the safety of your character. You need to use it to push other obstacles away. Do not allow any obstacles to touch your character unless you must stop the game. Try to raise your balloons. Then, you can get a lot of scores and conquer many challenging levels.

Some tactics to get high scores in Rise Up 2

After you level up, you will encounter many different obstacles. They may appear unexpectedly leaving you unable to protect the balloons. You should pay attention to the gaps in the wall which can release many obstacles. In addition, there will be countless bouncing obstacles. After they hit the wall, they will bounce back to your character. You need to secure both the front and sides of the balloon to make sure no obstacles get in your way. Finally, do not forget to practice your ability by playing the game many times. Good luck.