Plants Vs Zombies

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Protect your garden in Plants Vs Zombies

How to beat the zombies

Plants Vs Zombies is a classic strategy game with simple gameplay. You must prevent the zombies from attacking your garden by growing many kinds of plants.

Like Connect Dots, this game requires you to come up with some strategies to win. Your mission is to defeat the zombies trying to invade your garden. To defeat them, you need to plant more plants. If you can stop them from crossing the garden you win. So let's start your job to grow many plants. First, you need to plant sunflowers. It will produce a lot of energy for you. Collect energy to grow more plants. You will choose green, blue, or purple grapes to shoot down zombies. In addition, if you want to stop your character in a short time, you can grow potatoes. The zombies will eat potatoes, which creates a chance for your grapes to shoot them down.

In addition, when you accumulate a lot of energy, you can put the dragon fruits in front of zombies to destroy them effectively. When you play at higher levels, you can unlock many kinds of plants. You can take advantage of them to eliminate zombies from your garden.

Other tricks for you

Like Stickman Hook, the game also has some tricks for you. Besides planting trees to defeat enemies, you can use moves. There are two types of moves available to you. The first is a fire bomb. They can eliminate many zombies at once. If you have to encounter many zombies at once, use them. The second one is lightning. Use it to make zombies unable to move for a short time. However, you must remember that to be able to use these moves again, you have to wait some minutes. Therefore, you must consider them closely before using them.

Some kinds of zombies you must face in Plants Vs Zombies

After you know a lot about your opponents, you can beat them faster. The opponents are divided into different categories. The smallest can be easily defeated using the vine. However, for the boss, you need to use moves and shoot them continuously. Some other types of zombies can run fast. They will probably cross the garden if you do not stop them in time.