Pink Running Pig

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How to escape the butcher in Pink Running Pig

Pink Running Pig offers a thrilling race between a pig and a butcher. You must help your pig escape from the butcher, and the dangerous traps on the track.

On the farm, pink pigs are engrossed in their food. They are unaware of the danger that threatens them. They are about to be killed by the butcher. He went to the farm and tried to catch all the pink pigs. He wants to sell them or kill them. You need to assist a pink pig to run away from this dangerous place.

You need to try to handle the pink pig. Help it run as fast as possible. If your character runs too slow, it will be immediately caught by the butcher. As a result, the game will end. Besides, you also need to pay attention to the pitfalls on the road. There are many iron traps. They can get your character stuck. Wooden crates and piles of straw are also causing your loss. Jump over them as soon as you get close to them. Let's use the left mouse button to jump over and double-click to jump higher. Otherwise, you can use the spacebar to control your character.

Some tips to escape in Pink Running Pig

On the track, you will see a lot of bounce platforms. They will help your character jump higher and farther. You can get more coins thanks to them. Your chances of running away from the butcher will be more.

In addition, when you have a lot of money, you can use your coins to increase your number of lives. You can still continue to escape the butcher even though you have collided with many obstacles. Good luck.