Peaman Adventure

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The attractive adventure in Peaman Adventure

Your tasks in the game

Participate in Peaman Adventure to help a bean man character. You will control your character to overcome many challenges and reach the exit to pass the level.

The bean gentleman's adventure begins. You will control your character to be able to overcome many obstacles ahead and find the exit. When your character reaches the exit, you can move on to the next level and continue with a new adventure. There are many surprises waiting for you on this challenging adventure.

Your second mission is to collect all the gold coins along the way. They will help you buy more items and power-ups. You will have more access to good things if you have more gold coins. You can jump to break some bricks which include some coins. Additionally, the chests also have many coins. Do not miss them if you want to increase your number of coins.

Finally, if you encounter any power-ups on your way, you must collect them. They will protect you during the adventure. You will find their benefits in the following levels.


A and D to go back or forward.

W to jump high.

S to jump down.

F to attack.

Some risks you must face

Like Run Run Duck, you will face many potential dangers. They can take your life. So, you have to take caution. On the track, there are a lot of monsters, bees, and other animals. They can attack you and take your life if you cannot avoid them. In addition, the gaps and holes are placed everywhere. You need to jump over them quickly unless you will lose. Combine actions to help your character jump higher and farther.

The traits of Peaman Adventure

The power-ups

Peanuts are considered one of the greatest power-ups. After collecting them, you can use them to destroy opponents. Shoot these peanuts at your opponent to kill them. Besides, you can collect potions to upgrade your character's energy. They are usually located underground. Jump down to get them. You also should not miss the hearts. They will help you to have more lives.

Your character

There are four characters in the game. You will start with the Hatpean character. To unlock other characters, you must use your coins. The Gepean has a price of 100 coins. The Hornpean is more expensive than the Gepean price. Finally, the Ninpean is the most expensive character. You must use 200 coins to exchange.