Om Nom: Run

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Why you must run further in Om Nom: Run

Run fast in Om Nom: Run to be ranked at the top of the leaderboard. Your mission is to control the character Om Nom and help it avoid obstacles while running.

The character Om Nom will participate in this exciting race. Your task is to navigate it to be able to go as far as possible and complete the mission. First, you will use the mouse to move your character. Drag the mouse upwards to help Om Nom jump over the obstacles. If you drag the mouse backward, your character will slide through the barriers. Drag left or right to switch the direction of Om Nom. Next, you also note that on the track, there are a lot of tokens. You can collect them to purchase some power-ups or vehicles. In particular, you can exchange your character with your tokens. Finally, do not miss some vehicles on the track. You may collect the scooter and skateboard. When you get them, your character can fly in a short time.

It is said that a game with many exciting things will not make you disappointed. You can enjoy and relax. Besides, if you want to conquer other race tracks, Subway Surfers is one of the best choices.

Some features of Om Nom: Run

The game offers a lot of stunt championships. Depending on your scores, you can receive worthy rewards. Try your best to be ranked at the top of the leaderboard. In addition, you can follow your scores and ones' scores. You must get higher scores than them. Besides, the daily rewards are also very attractive. You can receive from 500 up to 3000 tokens. If you often join the game, you will get better rewards. Finally, you can select one of the attractive characters when you have enough tokens. Each character costs 3000 tokens.