Om Nom Connect Classic

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Clean up the playing field in Om Nom Connect Classic

If you are looking for an interesting entertainment game, do not miss this game. It is one of the entertaining games that attracts many players. You must have known the character Om Nom. This character continues to appear in this game along with a lot of things related to it.

Some game rules

Welcome to Om Nom Connect Classic, where you develop clever strategies to pass levels. To win, you must connect the same items without using more than 3 lines.

On the playing field, there are many tiles with images related to the character Om Nom. There are his friends, they are also very cute. In addition, there are candies, cakes, and fruits that Om Nom loves. Your task is to match the tiles with the same image. However, when concatenating, you must ensure that the space between two tiles only needs to use no more than three lines to join. This means they are not blocked by too many other tiles.

When you connect them successfully, you will receive a lot of stars. Accumulate them to become the best player in the game with the highest stars. Good luck!

Tips to complete the level

In this game, you will use the left mouse button to play the game. Click on the tiles to connect them. Then, they will disappear. You also use the power-ups in the game. There are two kinds of power-ups. The first is the hints. Three hints are available for you. You can use them when you cannot find the same tiles. You also need to save them to conquer the following levels that have highly challenging. The second power-up is the shuffle. You can use them four times. They will help you when you struggle. The position of tiles will be changed after you use this shuffle.

The features of Om Nom Connect Classic

The game has outstanding features that other games do not have. You can find out through the information below.

The limited time

You need to remember that the time to complete the level is not much. You only have five minutes to clean up all from the playing field. If you cannot meet the request, you will lose. Therefore, you must be quick when finding the same tiles.

The mystery gift

After you complete the level, you will get a mysterious gift box. It contains the number of stars as a bonus reward for you. You can get from 100 to 1000 stars. Also, if you're lucky, you can get extra power-ups.