Om Nom Bounce

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The thrilling battles in Om Nom Bounce

The game rules

Om Nom Bounce brings fierce matches. You will shoot the candies you have at the opponents, taking advantage of the candy's bounce to destroy them.

In this game, Spider Wizard has captured your friends. You must help Om Nom save them. To be able to defeat your opponents, you need to use the candies you have. Shoot them at your opponent to make them disappear. The number of candies will increase if you shoot other sweets on the playing field. You must remember that you must destroy all the opponents before they reach you. After each shot, the opponents will take one more step toward you. You need to be careful and shoot correctly. These candies also have very good bouncing power. When they hit the wall, they will bounce and continue to shoot toward the opponent. So you can destroy many opponents at the same time.

Moreover, you only have three lives per level. If you use them all, you lose. Let's come up with an excellent strategy to win and move to the next level. If you want to train your shooting skills, you can play Shell Shockers.

Some power-ups you can utilize

In the game, there are many power-ups such as Chests. They contain hidden gifts. You can get more lives or can strengthen your character. You can also get more stars. Use that number of stars to increase your character's attack rate and strength.

Besides, Om Nom can roll into the fields and cause extreme damage and heal upon return. When you use it, you can eliminate all opponents in a line. But you also have three uses. You have to use them effectively to pass the level.

Some kinds of enemies in Om Nom Bounce

Basic spiders: These are easy opponents to deal with. You can eliminate them with just one shot. However, the higher the level, the more opponents you will have to face. Be careful with them.

Spray Paint: Shoot a paint projectile once per wave. They cause your Om Nom to lose health. You must prioritize removing them first. As a result, you might be the last one standing on the playing field

Spider Squire: They are robust Spiders with more health. They have protective helmets so to defeat them you need to shoot multiple times.