Ninja Run

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Some missions in Ninja Run

Ninja Run is a running game combined with adventure. To win the game, you must try to get the highest scores by collecting items and avoiding the traps.

Accompany your ninja character to discover many interesting things. First, to start the game, you can click or press any key. You will then control your character so he can somersault through different platforms, which is the way your character moves. He can also run as normal automatically. Next, when faced with spikes, dangerous boxes, and bombs, help him jump over them unless you must stop the game. You also need to focus on the gaps between many platforms. Do not fall down. Finally, you need to collect many items in the game. You can collect gold coins. Each type of coin will have the corresponding number of points. You can get from 5 to 50 points. Additionally, if you can collect gems, your score will increase by 100 points.

Way to navigate Ninja Run

In this game, your ninja will move on its own. He will jump higher because of your leadership. The jump can only be activated with two presses. Then you have to land the platforms if you want to keep jumping. After pressing the double jump, you are not able to press the key. You need to make every attempt to land safely, excluding a fall into the sea. You can play the game by pressing any key.