My Space Pet

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Take care the character in My Space Pet

Perform your character's daily activities

My Space Pet is a fun entertainment game for everyone. You will take care of your pet online and fulfill all its needs to be able to receive gold coins.

In this game, you will be the owner of a cute pet with pink fur. It's called Zuub. You will take care of Zuub since he was a small pet. Raise it with your love and care.

First, you will take care of your pet and try to perform its daily activities. You need to feed it so it has more energy. To get the food, you need to use the mouse to cut the food in half. Then your pet will eat them. Next, you need to wash your character. Please keep your pet clean. Eventually, your pet will run out of energy if it does not get enough sleep. You need to put it to sleep with melodious music. Hit the right time when the music notes fall. This will give your character more energy.

Customize your character

After your character grows up, you will receive an amount of gold as a gift for your efforts. You will use this money to customize your pet. You can change the pet's skin. There are many eye-catching colors for you to choose from. In addition, there are many headwears. You can choose beautiful hats for your character. Clothing is also one of the interesting items. They will make your character more eye-catching. To make your character cuter, buy more glasses, colored eyes, rings, etc. Do not miss them.

Help Zuub relax with some games in My Space Pet

  • Flappy Saucer: The game is inspired by Flappy Bird. You will control the UFO to pass as many water pipes as possible. Do not let the UFO collide with the water pipe or fall to the ground. You will receive more gold coins after succeeding.
  • Space Snake: You will swipe the spaceship to navigate it. You must avoid crashing into the walls. Then, your spaceship's tail will become longer. Do not hit your tail to stay on the playing field longer.
  • Alien Attack: Before your rivals attack you, you must use the left mouse button to destroy all of them. Try your best to win.