Monster Tracks

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The attractive things in Monster Tracks

Some race tracks in the game

Monster Tracks is an exciting driving game that allows you to control the car to train your abilities. You must reach the finish line safely and get coins.

Like Drive Mad, you will face a lot of dangerous racing tracks. They can turn you upside down at any moment. These races always contain dangerous pitfalls that you cannot know in advance. You must prepare well before participating in the race.

It can be said that these races put you in high danger. If you do not focus on controlling the car, you will lose it immediately. The game is over when your car flips upside down or you get stuck between obstacles. Do not let your car blow up. Are you ready to join the game?

Control your car to pass over the challenging tracks

The left arrow key/ A/ Z to go back or brake.

The right arrow key/ D/ X to go forward or speed up.

The upgrades in Monster Tracks

After you finish a level, you can get some coins as a reward. In addition, you can collect them on the track. The higher coins you have, the more upgrades you can purchase. Before starting the next level, you should upgrade some details to make your car better.

  • The power: Upgrading power will help your car pass the stairs and slopes easily. Your vehicle will not go back when overcoming the slope.
  • The grip: It will help your car have a grip when passing dangerous roads. The rate of vehicle rollover will be reduced significantly.
  • The weight: You can boost the weight of the car last. When your car's weight increases, you may not overturn it. So, do not miss it. You need to have 10 coins to boost it.