Monster Mirror

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Become a talent seeker in Monster Mirror

Some rules you must follow

Monster Mirror is an exciting arcade game in which you have to find enough of the differences between the two pictures in the allotted time to win.

Two pictures appear on the screen, and your task is to find the differences between them. The two pictures look similar, but there will be a few differences. They are challenging to find. You need to observe carefully so as not to miss any distinct details. Each game screen requires a different number of pictures you need to see. Each time you find the difference, there will be a green circle. If you are wrong, there will be a red mark. Remember that you do not have too much time to search, so before time runs out, complete the quest. To open other interesting pictures, you need to collect a sufficient number of differences through each level. Try to open as many pictures as possible. The bottom left corner of the screen has a hint button for you. If it is too hard to find them, press the button.

It is an entertainment game for you. It is incredibly special and will undoubtedly provide the best for you. Playing is possible anyplace, even at work, school, or home. There are many cute, funny pictures that make everyone feel excited.

How to control

Use the left mouse button to click on the different points.

The highlights of Monster Mirror

In each picture, you can play many times. Every time you start playing, there will be interesting differences. It is completely different from the previous games. So you can look for differences between two pictures multiple times.

In addition, you must find the required number of differences to unlock other pictures. There are many other eye-catching pictures waiting for you to unlock. The game will help you to train your skills, which is similar to Connect Dots.