Miner's Adventure

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Some facts about Miner's Adventure

The game rules

Participate in Miner's Adventure to explore the treasure mine with two adventurers. You must co-op with your partner, collect gems and gold bars, and exit.

The journey of two adventurers begins at a precious mine. There are many diamonds and gems here. Each person will collect an item. You and your partner will work together to collect the required amount of gems and gold bars. Additionally, you need to search for the golden key. If you cannot find the key, you cannot open the exit portal and get out. Let's support each other during this treasure-collecting journey.

The adventure will become more exciting if you have an excellent partner. It also helps both of you become closer. Let's join the game and experience it. To practice your skills in other adventures, you can play 1v1 Battle.

How to control

Player 1

WASD to move.

F to shot.

G to whip.

T to use keys.

Player 2

The arrow keys to move.

K to shot.

L to whip.

T to use keys.

The features of your characters in Miner's Adventure

The female adventurer can use the gun to shoot the monster and throw the bombs. In addition, she can also tackle wooden crates blocking the way by shooting at them. Then they will disappear. Therefore, to avoid hazards, both of you must be together. She also can get the gems and cannot get the gold bars. If you control her, you have to focus on gathering all gems in the mine.

The male adventurer has the ax and shovel. They can help him to get many gold bars. As a result, all gold bars will be collected by him. To be safe, you should follow the female character to avoid the enemies' attacks. Try your best to collect as many gold bars as possible.