Merge Melons

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The overview of Merge Melons

The principle of the game

Welcome to Merge Melons to merge the same fruits. You need to drop the fruits, merge them to get the bigger fruits, and get the watermelon as a last target.

In this game, you will drag the fruits at the top, then drop them down. You have to adjust the position of the fruit to be able to make the same fruits next to each other. As a result, they will merge and produce larger fruit.

These fruits will grow bigger and bigger thanks to your help. You will not have too much space to drop other fruits. So making them merge faster will give you more space. Remember that you are not allowed to fill the playing field. Once the fruits reach the roof, you lose.

Let's start with the smallest fruit, the lemon. You need to keep dropping other fruits until you reach the watermelon. Good luck.

Tips to create a watermelon

As you know, you are not allowed to fill the playing field. So besides merging fruits you can use hints. The first is the knife. You can use it to remove any fruit from the playing field. Heavy fruit has the same effect, but it is used for larger fruits. Finally that magic flower. It will help you merge any fruit you want. However, you can only use these hints once per turn.

Some features of Merge Melons

Let's learn about the outstanding features of the game. They will not make you disappointed. Are you ready to join?

The graphics

The game has nice graphics. Sharp images attract a lot of people to participate in the game. Eye-catching fruits will make fruit enthusiasts admire them. If you want to experience it, come here. The game is available on our web. You can participate freely.

The sound

The soft, catchy sound of the game will help you relax. It's not too exciting, so it is very suitable to chill with. Invite your friends to join this game and experience the wonderful sounds. It is best if you can join another game with excellent sound, which is Run Run Duck.