Maya Adventure

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Some facts about Maya Adventure

The gameplay

Become brave and smart adventurers in Maya Adventure. The game requests you to collect all gems while avoiding many obstacles before reaching the exit.

This game allows you to join another person. The two of you will work together to be able to have great achievements in finding treasures and gems. If you can support each other, this job will become easier. You can absolutely get all the gems in the area. Move to another level when you have successfully reached the exit gate. You need to continue your journey to get many gems.

In the game, you must collect many gems which can be protected by many blocks and Maya people. They think you are trespassing on their territory. Your behavior makes them angry. You must try to get as many gems as possible before being caught by them. Let's escape by reaching the exit portal.

In addition, you also fight against the fearsome Mayan monsters. They are trying to protect their territory. Therefore, they are very fierce and scary. Use your strategy to defeat them.

Controls characters

Player 1

W to jump/ slide the wall

WASD to move.

F to hit/ shot.

G to grenade.

Q to switch weapons.

Player 2

The arrow key to move.

The up arrow key to jump/ slide the wall.

L to hit/ shot.

U to switch weapons.

The features of Maya Adventure

The weapons

Guns and bows are two weapons that you are provided with when playing the first levels. The gun will help you break the blocks then you can go get the gems inside. Bows and arrows will help you defeat monsters. When moving to the following level, you will be equipped with other cutting-edge weapons. You can use them to play the game.

The power-ups

Like Monkey Mart, you may collect many power-ups. You can use the potion to upgrade your character's energy. In addition, let's use the switch to open closed doors or use elevators. They will help you overcome the high platforms.