Marble Dash

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The game rules of Marble Dash

Marble Dash is an exciting game helping you improve your shooting skills. You will match the same balls to make them disappear before they reach the portal.

Welcome to this exciting shooting game. In the game, your mission is

Your task in this game is to remove the colorful balls. They are slowly moving toward the portal. The number of balls will gradually increase. You need to eliminate them by shooting other colored balls. If you can match three balls of the same color, they will disappear. You have to shoot them with fast speed and accuracy. As a result, you can have more gold coins as a gift for you.

In addition, in the game, you can preview the color of the next ball that you will shoot. So, you can shoot faster. Pay attention to them to get rid of the balls before they reach the portal.

Explore Marble Dash

In the game, you can purchase many developments. They are considered power-ups. You can use them to win quickly. You need to use your coins to buy them. After buying them, you have to pay many coins to continue purchasing in the next turn. So, try your best to get coins.

  • The Flash: When you use the flash, you can increase your shooting speed. If your fire rate increases, you can stop the balls from reaching the portal.
  • The Filling: When using it, you can get more coins. As a result, you can use them to purchase many power-ups.
  • The Quiet: The balls' moving speed will decrease, which gives you more chances to win.