Mahjong World

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The game rules of Mahjong World

Mahjong World offers an attractive playing field with mahjong pieces related to countries around the world. Your task is to connect two same mahjong pieces.

Have you ever played mahjong? If you are a mahjong enthusiast, this online game will satisfy you. Different from the actual version, the online mahjong game will help you play the game independently. You will come across mahjong pieces again in this game.

Your task is to clean up all the mahjong pieces on the playing field. You should note that they will disappear when two identical mahjong pieces are joined again, which sounds easy, but it is not really. You also need to note that the mahjong allowed to join must have at least two printed faces exposed. With mahjong pieces with only one face revealed, they will be considered to get stuck. You need to choose other mahjong pieces. Eliminate mahjong pieces in turn until you can win.

In addition, you have to complete the levels to be able to open the next levels. At each level, there will be three rounds. If you can win three rounds consecutively, you will get both keys and diamonds. The key will help you unlock more hints. Sometimes you can also get more diamonds by opening lucky chests, which is similar to Subway Surfers. You can join to experience it.

Some hints for you in Mahjong World

The shuffle button

When you are stuck, you can use the shuffle button. It will help you to swap positions of mahjong pieces. As a result, you can match other pieces easily. Additionally, remember that the number of shuffles is limited. Do not use all.

The hints button

If you can find a couple of mahjong pieces, you can use this hint. It will figure out two same pieces. Then, you can select them to clean up. Try your best to win. Like the shuffle, there are some hints available for you. You must collect keys to unlock chests to get them.

The pickaxe button

Besides using shuffle when stuck, you can use the pickaxe to break a piece. Let's continue your job after removing a blocking piece.