Lil Plane

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How to play Lil Plane

Lil Plane brings a new play space where you can control your plane. Your task is to collect as many yellow balls as possible and dodge the obstacles in the sky.

In the game, you can control your character fly up or down. You will depend on each case and type of obstacle to control your plane.

Fly up in the game

Unlike driving a car or motorbike, flying an airplane requires more concentration. You will be in danger at any time if you are not really focused. You need to be careful when flying the plane. The game lets you fly higher. Based on the size of the aircraft, you can detect whether the plane is flying high or flying low. Your plane is flying high if you see the plane bigger than usual. When flying high, you can collect big yellow balls. The more balls you collect, the higher your score will be. When you reach the required score, you can move on to the next level. In addition, you also need to avoid obstacles in the air. You just need to avoid the big obstacles as you fly high. Small obstacles will be lower than you so they cannot affect you.

Fly down in the game

Contracts fly up, if you control the aircraft flying low, the size of the aircraft will be smaller than when flying high. You need to dodge small obstacles. Big obstacles can't stop you. You can also collect small balls if you fly low. You cannot collect the big balls because your position and the big balls are different. You can switch from low to high by pressing the spacebar. So you need to train your ability to be able to hit the spacebar as fast as possible. Spacebar Clicker is one of the ideal games for you to improve your abilities.

The outstanding traits of Lil Plane

The graphics and sounds

The game is inspired by Lego, so the graphics of other games are similar to Lego. You can see from the plane that the obstacles are clearly shown. They are linked with each other. If you are a Lego fan, you should join this game now. You can enjoy vivid and eye-catching graphics. In addition, the sound of the game is great. It makes you focus on the game. You also no longer feel bored when participating in the game for a long time.

The challenging levels

There are many levels waiting for you. You need to conquer them in turn. To be able to level up, you need to accumulate enough required points. You will move to the next level with increasing difficulty. You will encounter more obstacles. In addition, the speed of the aircraft also increased. So you need to be agile and skillful to control the plane. Are you ready for this exciting journey? You should develop your own strategy to obtain more achievements. Hope that you can conquer many levels with impressive scores.