Lhama Clicker

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The highlights of Lhama Clicker

Lhama Clicker is a fun idle game with eye-catching graphics. Your task is to click as many times as possible to increase your Lhama and unlock upgrades.

If you are looking for a game that can improve your pressing ability, you should not miss this game. This is a very attractive game. It allows you to train your speed. From there, you can win many other games.

In this game, you need to increase your number of Lhama. Each click will be counted as one Lhama. However, if you press quickly, you can triple your Lhama count. You need to accumulate a lot of Lhama to unlock upgrades that will help you get more Lhama. You will probably get 10, 50, or 100 Lhama per second. Some upgrades you can unlock are Clicker, Lhama Farm, Lhama Stable, Copper Clicker, Lhama Mine, Lhama Factory, Silver Clicker, etc.

How to increase Lhama in Lhama Clicker

You do not have any upgrades at first. You must click on the Lhama character with the left mouse button. The more Lhama points you get, the quicker you click. So, a yellow bar at the bottom of the screen will show your Lhama. How many Lhamas will be displayed in the top bar.? The game's rules are simple to comprehend. You can make an effort to play along. You can play like a pro after you have mastered it.

In addition, you do not miss the upgrades. There are a large number of upgrades. You have to accumulate many Lhama to unlock. As a result, you can get many Lhama.