Kung Fu Sparrow

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Join the thrilling battles in Kung Fu Sparrow

The game rules

Kung Fu Sparrow is an entertaining acting game. In the game, control your character to defeat as many enemies as possible and collect sliced bread.

Sparrow is the main character in this game. If you thought the bird would point it to a weak little bird, you would be wrong. Birds will have extremely beneficial moves. In addition, it also has its own skills, and kung fu. So the bird will be like a powerful boxer.

In the game, you will control the sparrow to defeat other dangerous enemies. Your sparrow will move around holding three ropes in the air. You will control your character quickly and skillfully. Then you need to attack them before they do. After knocking them down, you can gather a lot of sliced bread which drops from other opponents. These sliced bread will give your character a boost. In addition, you can also accumulate them to buy other powerful weapons.

Controls in the game

WASD or the arrow key to move.

W to fly up.

S to fly down.

A to go back.

D to go forward.

The left mouse button to attack.

Some outstanding features of Kung Fu Sparrow

Many characters in the game

In the game, you can choose the boss that you will fight at the end of each level. Each boss will have different characteristics. They are extremely dangerous. so you need to be careful when fighting them.

In addition, you need to accumulate a lot of sliced bread to be able to unlock many other sparrow characters. They have very attractive colors. The more beautiful the sparrow character, the more sliced bread is needed. Collect any sliced bread you see on the playing field.

Many powerful weapons

Gloves, swords, and shurikens are three weapons that you can buy. You will use bread to buy them. They will help you kill your opponents faster and more efficiently. Choose them to be able to conquer more difficult levels.