Kiba & Kumba Jungle Run

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The principle of Kiba & Kumba Jungle Run

Kiba & Kumba Jungle Run offers a thrilling race in the jungle. You must control your monkey character to run and collect as many stars, and bananas as possible.

In this game, you have three main missions. First, you have to try to run as far as possible. You can press the left arrow button to speed up. Besides, you need to dodge all the dangerous obstacles and opponents on the road. They are rocks, and scary insects like bees, and hedgehogs. They can take your character's life at any time. Jump up to dodge them. You can also eliminate them if you get power-ups. The last mission is to collect many stars and bananas. They will greatly increase your score. It is best if you can break your record after each turn. Try your best.

Some tricks to level up in Kiba & Kumba Jungle Run

If you want to win quickly, you should follow some tips and tricks below. They can help you avoid obstacles in time and run further.

Use the power-ups

The first power-up is the Magnet. When owning this power-up, your characters will gather a lot of stars and bananas. It will help you to gather stars and bananas automatically. Next, you can get the Coconut. If you pick one of these up, Kiba and Kumba will instantly start throwing coconuts at all foes for a short while. As a result, your character can eliminate all enemies from the track. Besides, the Green Leaves help Kumba can soar like a superhero using her crimson nose, while Kiba can shoot her gorgeous pigtail like a helicopter. She also can fly high and over the clouds to collect more money and bananas. Finally, let's try to get the Golden Shield. With this power-up, Kiba and Kumba will be able to easily kick any opponent off the field.

Choose your character

There are two monkey characters in this game. Kiba is a female monkey and Kumba is a male monkey. Each character has different powers and strengths. They can help you conquer longer distances. Choose one of the two characters to start the game. In addition, Happy Wheels also offers a lot of exciting characters. You can participate in.