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The challenging missions in Katkoot

Katkoot offers many challenging puzzles to train your brain. You need to find the best answer to complete your mission and win by moving the chicken character.

The game has many different levels. The difficulty of the levels will increase gradually. Each level will have additional requirements. If you are smart enough, you can overcome them easily. In the first level, you will control your character through the thorns. This is difficult because the spikes are close together. If you are not paying attention, you'll crash into them quickly. As a result, you will have to replay the game again. You need to be careful with the obstacles. In the following levels, you continue to have to complete your tasks to be able to level up. You need to free the chicken. Then, you need to brainstorm to find the best way.

The game with simple graphics and many challenges is waiting for you. You will train your brain with brain-hacking puzzles. Are you ready to join the game? Good luck.

Controls and tips in Katkoot


To control your character, you do not need to combine too many operations. You just need to use WASD or the arrow key to move your character. You can also use the left mouse button to find answers to difficult questions. It can be said that the control in the game is quite familiar. You can understand and solve it easily.

Some tips

If you are having problems and you can't get past the obstacle, you can use hints. Click on the icon in the top right corner. It will give you useful suggestions. You can follow the instructions and complete the level successfully. You shouldn't overdo it either. Use it effectively.