Jumping Joe

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Some missions in Jumping Joe

Jumping Joe offers some challenging missions when controlling Joe. To complete the level, you need to gather three stars and a key to unlock the exit.

The game has two main missions. You must do them to be able to complete the level. There are many other interesting levels waiting for you. Let's join the game and control your Joe character to join an attractive adventure.

Collect three stars

Your character Joe is stuck. You need to support him to escape from this place. First, you must collect all three stars to pass the level. While collecting stars, you must pay attention to the spikes on the ground. Because Joe's running space is limited, he can only run around this area. So you will face more danger because you will have to go through spikes a lot of times. Try to collect three stars as fast as possible.

Gather the key

To get out of this miserable place, you also need to collect a golden key. It is placed on high platforms, you have to jump to get them. Once you get the lock, the exit will be unlocked. Then, you can advance to the next level.

You have to use the mouse to jump up. Click the left mouse button or double-click to jump higher.

The feature of Jumping Joe

If you collide with spikes, you can still continue the game. Your lives are not limited. So, you can play the level until you can overcome it. So you can play as many times as you can to find the best solution for the difficult levels.

The game has eye-catching graphics. The characters and details are all very interesting. You should join the game and experience them.