Impostor Vs Noob

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Join the thrilling battles in Impostor Vs Noob

The principles

Participate in Impostor Vs Noob to shoot all enemies down and win. Aim and shoot accurately to destroy all Noob characters and improve your shooting skills.

Fierce gun battles are taking place in this game. Have you ever become the villain in the game? This game allows you to become an Impostor that is a dangerous character. Your opponents in this game are the Noob characters. You need to destroy your opponents to complete the mission.

In the game, you will use the gun to defeat the opponent. You will shoot at your opponents. Try to eliminate many opponents at once. As a result, you can complete the game quickly. In addition, you can also take advantage of the bounce of bullets to kill opponents who are in a difficult position. Can your shooting skills help you complete this exciting mission?

How to shoot

You do not use many operations when playing this game. You just need to use the mouse proficiently. Hold the left mouse button to aim the Noob characters. Then, if you want to shoot, release the left mouse button. Game controls are quite simple. Anyone can play this game.

Some highlights of Impostor Vs Noob

Unlimited bullets

You can train your skills best because your ammo is not limited. You can shoot multiple times to be able to find the best shooting positions. As a result, you can get many valuable lessons. Let's apply them to the following levels. You will definitely become a shooting master. Let's play this game and experience it.

Many TNT bins

You can shoot at the TNT bins. If you shoot at them, they will explode. As a result, you can kill many rivals. You can eliminate high-flying opponents or protected opponents. They are like your power-ups. Utilizing them will help you win. Good luck.