Ice Breaker

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Why you should join Ice Breaker

The mechanics of the game

Ice Breaker offers some thrilling battles among battleships. The game requests you to shoot other battleships down while trying to reach the finish line.

Are you afraid when your battleship is one of the smallest warships in the ocean? If you are brave enough, fight hard in this game.

You will have to control your warship to remove all the wooden crates floating on the sea. They block your path and can cause your warship to explode if it hits them. In addition, you need to pay attention to the number marked on each wooden crate. You have to shoot the number of times corresponding to the number on the wooden crate to remove them. If you crash into them, you will lose your life.

Another highly challenging mission for you. You will face larger battleships. They are constantly shooting at you. You have to shoot them before they kill you. Keep going further until you can reach the finish line. If you want to navigate other vehicles, you can join 1v1 Battle.

How to navigate your battleship

The equipped cannon at the ship will fire automatically. They will shoot forward and two sideways. Therefore, you only control your ship to go forward, back, or turn left and turn right. You will hold the left mouse button and drag it to handle your battleship.

Some tricks you can apply in Ice Breaker

Go forward to avoid enemies' ammo

As you know your opponents can fire at you. So, you must avoid them. Going forward is one of the best ways for you. When you are surrounded by many other warships and their bullets, moving forward will help you dodge bullets fired from either side of the battleship. You will approach many other warships and shoot them effectively.

Collect many items

When you break the wooden crates, you can get power from them. From there, you can counter larger warships. In addition, if you eliminate a large warship, you can take its spoils. You can shoot more bullets at the same time.