Happy Wheels

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Conquer the hazardous race track in Happy Wheels

The principles in each mode

Welcome to Happy Wheels to conquer some attractive tracks. The game asks you to help your character steer vehicles and reach the finish line.

In the game, there are a lot of game modes. Each game mode offers different tracks and obstacles. You can conquer them in turn. You can train your controlling skills when playing the game.

The most popular mode is the Obstacle Course? level. This game mode is simple to overcome. It is said that joining this mode is preparing for the thrill of your life. You need to watch out for bad things. It gives you some flat tracks. The obstacles are also fewer compared to other modes. However, the number of obstacles will increase through the levels. Do not miss the Gut Bus Extreme! level. It is said that the track at this level changes dramatically. As a result, you may fall and cannot dodge obstacles in time. Besides, the BMX Part 2 level brings special somersaults. Your character can get more points if successful. However, you will lose if you go fast and do not pay attention to the game enough. Next, the Snow Mountain level offers a magnificent scene. You can enjoy it. The race track will also change and become more attractive. Finally, the Drawn Of The Dead is one of the most challenging levels. You have to encounter many hazardous obstacles and horror monsters. They can attack you, so you must go fast to escape or trap them.

To control character

The Shift/ Ctrl/ Z key is for secondary actions.

The space bar for primary actions.

The up arrow key to accelerate.

The down arrow key to decelerate.

The left arrow key to lean back.

The right arrow key to lean forward.

Some characters in Happy Wheels

Initially, the game was developed with four main characters. Each character will own a different type of vehicle. You need to help them to complete the levels. If you can unlock the levels, you can choose more characters.

Wheelchair Guy.

Wheelchair Guy is the first character created for Happy Wheels, made in 2006. An elderly man in rags is seated in a wheelchair. You will control him to overcome stairs, spikes, and a variety of other challenges. Although he looks weak, he can complete the task with your help. You should also note that wheelchair access is very difficult on the steps, so you need to be careful when going through these paths.

Segway Guy

Segway Guy is one of the original four characters. He was a gentleman in a suit and rode on a Segway. He can jump over obstacles, and threats like Homing Mines, Landmines, etc. Do not forget that Segway only has one cake. So, it becomes more difficult to keep balance. You have to lean forward or backward to make sure he does not fall.

Irresponsible Dad

An irresponsible Dad will carry a child on his bicycle. When choosing this character, you must ensure the safety of both father and son. If your child gets hurt, you lose too.

Effective Shopper

Your character will ride a motorized scooter packed with groceries. Your mission is not to drop any groceries off before reaching the finish line.