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Welcome to GunSpin

How to control the game

Join GunSpin to perform incredible bounces with a cutting-edge gun. With the amount of ammo you have, try to shoot and make your gun bounce as far as possible.

Initially, you only have three bullets per turn. You have to take advantage of them to be able to make your gun bounce long distances. Aim accurately before shooting. In addition, you need to adjust the gun and shoot at the right time so that it can fly the farthest.

After you complete the level, you will receive the amount of gold corresponding to the distance you have conquered. For example, you can get 100 coins if you can shoot a gun and make it bounce 100 meters.

How to maximize your distance

To be able to send your gun away, you have to know the terrain well. In this game, you will shoot guns into steep mountain terrain and many hills. The terrain is quite bumpy and difficult. You need to be clever to be able to conquer the longest distance. Use the slope of the hills to shoot. Your guns can bounce further thanks to them. In addition, the path for the gun to drop is too low, which will make it difficult for it to bounce far.

Some outstanding features of GunSpin

The armory

If you have a lot of gold coins, you can exchange guns to get the best shots. There are 18 types of guns and are divided into 5 different types. These include Basic, Special, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. The higher the quality of the gun, the higher the price. So, try your best to get a lot of gold coins. If you also collect many coins, you can join Drive Mad.

The power-ups

  • Bullet Count: You can increase the number of bullets to be able to shoot more times. As a result, you can reach the longest distance.
  • Bullet Power: The increased power of bullets will help you get better results. Do not forget to upgrade it.
  • 1st Shot Power: The first shot with good results will bring good things.
  • Ammo Boxes: These boxes allow you to receive one of the three types of power-ups above. Depending on your luck, you will receive surprises.