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The excellent playing field of Growmi

Join Growmi to control a cute snake that has a flexible body. To complete the game, you will navigate your character and try to collect all stars

Have you ever been stuck in a place covered with high walls? In this game, your character was stuck. High walls surrounded it. There does not seem to be any way out. In addition, there are many high grounds that can cause your character to be struck. So the little snake really needs your help. You need to navigate it to escape this maze.

In addition, in the playground, there are many sharp spikes. They can take your character's life. You have to be more careful with them. If you can't dodge them, you will lose your life. Remember you only have three lives. If you use all of them, you lose.

Finally, you will see the stars on the playing field. You need to collect them. Only when you collect all of them will you be able to escape from this scary playground?

Some tips and controls to overcome Growmi

The controls

W or the up arrow key to go forward.

S or the down arrow key to go back.

A or the left arrow key to turn left.

D or the right arrow key to turn right.

The tips

  • The body of the snake is very flexible. It can be shortened to a block. It can also stretch out to cross platforms. You need to take advantage of this characteristic of the snake and complete the task.
  • You will probably see some wooden boxes, you can push them to avoid the obstacles. They can also help you reach higher ground.
  • If you cannot think of any strategy, press the Hint button. You will get great suggestions.