Grandpa Run 3D

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Thrilling race in Grandpa Run 3D

Overcome dangerous obstacles in Grandpa Run 3D to become the winner. Navigate your character to avoid or break obstacles while trying to collect coins and gems.

Some deadly obstacles on the track

The game offers an exciting race track where the grandpa character has to run as fast as possible to avoid being caught. Are you ready to support him?

On the track, there are many obstacles. You need to be careful with them. Don't crash into them unless you stop the game. Barriers with different heights force you to dodge. Also, there are plenty of trash cans. They are placed in the middle of the track. They are also the cause of your loss. Finally, a series of vehicles are circulating the race track. You will be caught again if you can't dodge them in time.

Deal with the obstacles

For small trash cans, bars, and barrels, you can jump over them. Besides, if you can slide to break them, you can get from 100 to 300 stars. When facing the vehicles, you can press the up arrow keys to jump over them. You also exchange your directions by pressing the left and arrow keys. You can change lanes and dodge the obstacles in time.

Boost your character in Grandpa Run 3D

To make your character stronger and run further, you can upgrade him or buy more power-ups in the shop.

Buy costumes

First, choose your character's great clothes. Your grandpa's character will become more elegant or romantic with new clothes. You must use the gold coins you have to buy them. Some outstanding outfits are Casual, Kung Fu, Super Hero, Rock Star, etc.

Purchase power-ups

Magnetism, Invisible, and Swift Run are the available power-ups. You can use one of them to make your character outrun and collect many coins. Good luck!

Get utilities

To buy utilities, you must use your gems. You can buy Head Star, Shield, X2 Coins, and X2 Gems. Choosing them will help you get more coins, and gems or run further.