Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow

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The gameplay of Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow

Playing Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow immerses you in the magical game world. You will help your character avoid all obstacles to reach the finish line safely.

Your mission is straightforward. First, you must control the character with a square shape to avoid all obstacles on the track. Besides, the barriers have many forms, including square, circle, and triangle shapes. They can move, which makes it difficult to avoid. Click the left mouse when your chance comes, then you will save your life. In addition, your character's speed is increasing, which means you need to quickly react to avoid them. If you hit the barriers, you will start again. Complete the track to move to the next level. There are a lot of challenges on the following level that you must overcome.

The gameplay is very simple and the rules are easy to understand as well. However, to master the game, you need to practice more. You can also practice your abilities through Moto X3M.

The attractive things in Geometry Neon Dash Rainbow

Welcome to the game. It is said that the game is popular thanks to its characters, sound, and graphics. They make the game become attractive.

Cute characters in the game

The characters you control are square blocks with many different images and colors. All of them look so cute. The number of characters is varied. There are up to 60 different characters. They are beautifully designed with vibrant colors. In addition, you are free to choose without any requirements. For example, you can choose the twentieth character without being asked how many levels you passed or how many points you got. Please select your favorite character.

Graphics and sound

Colorful graphics attract your eyes. The color of the background is changed through each level. The game creates a highly brilliant gaming space.

Entertainment sound makes the game even more loved. If you are passionate about games with music like that, you should not miss it.