Ducky Adventure

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The overview of Ducky Adventure

The mechanics of the game

Join Ducky Adventure and collaborate with another person to complete the tasks. Both of you must collect coins and the required items to pass the level.

Your characters in the game are the ducks, which is similar to Run Run Duck. Welcome to this exciting adventure game. The adventure with two ducks is waiting for you. What is it about this journey that attracts people? Join and experience it.

You can also invite a friend of yours to join the game. Both of you will work together to complete the mission. Try your best to control your character and complete all tasks. In this adventure, your two characters will have to get the required amount of coins. In the following levels, your mission will increase. You need to get other items to complete the level. However, every journey has its dangers. Two ducks will have to encounter many monsters. You must kill them before they do. In addition, on the track, there are lots of obstacles, including gears, cannons, etc.

Moreover, both of you need to remember that your lives are limited. You do not allow yourself to be killed three times. When you run out of lives, the game is over.

Controls in the game

Player 1

WASD to move.

F to throw weapons.

W to jump.

Player 2

The arrow keys to move.

L to slash

The up arrow key to jump.

Some tactics to pass the level in Ducky Adventure

To be able to win in this game, you need a smart strategy. You also take advantage of the duck's moves to win.

The attack of the first duck

The first duck is the one dressed in black. It can throw shurikens toward the opponent. This way, your character can destroy opponents even at a distance. This move will reduce the risk to your character. You can apply it to defeat all monsters.

The attack of the second duck

The second duck with a red suit has the ability to slash opponents. However, in order to cut the opponent, it must approach the opponent at a close distance, which is quite dangerous. So, use this trick to open secret chests.