Dream Pet Link 2

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How to play Dream Pet Link 2

Dream Pet Link 2 is a fantastic linking game that has many cute pets. Join the game and clean the board by linking two same pets with less than three lines.

Linking games are so familiar to everyone. It gradually became popular because of its attractiveness and simple gameplay. If you are a fan of linking games, you should not miss this game. Your task is to match the same pets on the playing field to eliminate them. They will disappear after being linked. However, you should note that you will not be able to connect pets if you use more than three lines to join them. Connect pets with only 1, 2, or 3 lines. Good luck.

The game is suitable for many people and different ages. It creates an attractive playground that keeps everyone entertained. Do you want to play this game?

Some excellent tactics to pass the levels in Dream Pet Link 2

You need a strategy to be able to play the game better. It is best if you can connect them in order. They will be easier to observe if you apply this way. Besides, your time to conquer the level is limited. You need to be quick. You can use hints if you are stuck. They can help you find similar pets quickly. In addition, you can use Shuffle to shuffle the position of pets on the playground. The hints are not much. So, you need to use them effectively to win.