Dou Survival

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Stuck at Dou Survival

Dou Survival is an entertaining adventure game, where you can cooperate with a partner to win. Both of you must gather all cogs and reach the exit to win.

The two characters are trapped in a city where there are only high platforms, stone walls, and closed doors. They need your help to get out of this place. However, things gradually become more difficult when the two characters are separated. They remained in the same place but one was blocked by rocks, the other surrounded by high platforms. Do you have any ideas yet?

If you want to escape from here, you need to use your intelligence and observation ability. Pay attention to the switches. They can help you open stone doors. Besides, you can also use the elevator if your teammates help you press the button.

Finally, protect each other from the dangers that are lurking. You never know what bad things await you in the next levels. Let's keep trying to discover the mysteries of things. Additionally, Cookie Clicker is also one of the best games available for you. You can join to conquer it.

How to help characters to escape in Dou Survival

You will use W to jump over the high platforms if you pick the female character. Using A and D, your character can move either backward or forwards. Finally, you can toss the bottles at the foes to destroy them.

You can control the male character using the arrow keys. Jumping is accomplished using the up arrow key. To jump higher, press the double arrow key. To move, press the left and right arrow keys. You must strike with the up arrow key so that the guy character can use the stick to break the stone door.