Doodle Cricket

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Introduction to Doodle Cricket online game

Inspired by cricket, Doodle Cricket is a unique sports simulation online game. Your task is to hit the ball to score and protect your wicket.

This game is released for sports enthusiasts, especially cricket. The game simulated cricket lively. You will surely fall in love and cannot stop playing it. With the simple gameplay, you can understand the rules after the first try. It is said that the game is suitable for everyone. In addition, you can also play other sports games on our web, like Moto X3M.

The characters in the game are also very attractive. They are insects and small animals. Your character in this game is cricket. The game manager will be the cute shrew. You will directly hit the ball that is thrown by the snail.

Your main mission is to hit the ball with high accuracy. You must have high-precision shots to be able to score many points. Besides, protect your wicket. When the wicket is broken, you lose immediately.

Score and win in Doodle Cricket

In this game, you should note that one run is scored each time two batsmen on the field run between the white folds at either end of the field. You can score whenever the ball is hit. When the ball leaves your character's hand and when it is returned to the other character, you will get a score from one to six. The farther the ball is hit, the more goals it will score. Four or six points are for good shots. However, if you are not careful and cause your wicket to break, you will be out.

Do your best to get high scores back and get cheers from the spectators. Everyone is looking forward to your performance. Are you ready to compete?