Disc Duel

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About Disc Duel

In Disc Duel, two adorable characters engage in a fierce discus competition. You must maintain composure while tossing a discus into the opposite net

Inspired by discus sports, the game offers attractive gameplay. If you are a big fan of Discus, you do not miss the game. You will participate in the game and command your cute character. The game's mechanics, though, are distinct from those in reality. By keeping your opponent from throwing them into your net, you must defend your net. The discus must be caught quickly so that you can return it to your opponent's net. You must outscore your opponent while attempting to preserve the scoreless. If you outscore your opponent by three points, you will become the champion.

The game modes and controls in Disc Duel

The game modes

The game offers two exciting game modes. If you want to play alone, you can choose 1P mode. You will join and compete with another controlled by the computer. Let's try your best to win. Additionally, you ask your friend to play. Let's engage in fair competition to find the game's top player in 2P modes. Both of you can control your character on the same device. Then, you will become completely engrossed in the game and have fun for hours. I wish you luck in your quest to win. When finishing the game, you can join Roller Baller to continue relaxing.

Control character in the game

Player 1

Use the arrow keys to move.

Press N to straight throw.

Press M to arc throw.

Press N, and M at the same time to get the trick.

Player 2

Use WASD to move.

Press V to straight throw.

Press B to arc throw.

Press V, and B at the same time to get the trick.