Diamond Run FRVR

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Participate in the diamond mining process in Diamond Run FRVR

Your mission in the game

Try to transport as many diamonds out of the mine as possible in Diamond Run FRVR. You need to throw many diamonds into the railroad cars exactly.

Still moving diamonds out of the mine is one of the stages of the mining process. It is very important and requires high precision because if you make a mistake, you will lose the diamond. Thus, the effort to exploit will be wasted.

As you know, diamonds will be transported by railroad cars. Each railroad car will carry one diamond. You will transform into a miner and complete this job. You need to correctly throw the diamonds onto the railroad cars. Each level will require you to transport different amounts of diamonds. You must transport them all successfully to pass the level. Good luck.

To throw the diamonds into the railroad cars

The left mouse button is used to throw diamonds onto railroad cars. Click the left mouse button as soon as the railroad cars come. You must remember, the speed of railroad cars will increase with each level so you need to be careful when throwing diamonds.

Some traits of Diamond Run FRVR

The game will bring you fresh moments. You will be immersed in this exciting game. Do you know all the highlights of the game yet? Let's discover it.

First, there are countless levels waiting for you. The difficulty of the game will increase gradually through the levels. The game requires you to react quickly to pass the level. Next, you can get an extra time bonus if you throw diamonds at the railroad cars correctly. Pay attention to the red light. If you throw diamonds at railroad cars as soon as they are at a red light, you will get 1 target. Accumulate 3 targets to obtain the time bonus. If you finish the game, let's move to Connect Dots to play.