Cook & Match: Sara’s Adventure

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Join the exciting adventure in Cook & Match: Sara's Adventure

Take the missions

Cook & Match: Sara's Adventure offers exciting mechanics. You can join the game and try your best to complete all challenging missions and prepare for a party.

In the game, Sara and her roommate wants to prepare a dinner party where they will eat and hold events. Sara's house is where the party is held. So she has a lot of work to do. She needs to clean her room. After that, she will continue with a series of other jobs. In particular, she needs to cook food to invite her friends. There are a variety of quests for Sara. Are you ready to help her? Without your help, she would not be able to finish the party.

Perform the missions

To help Sara complete the quest, you need to collect the flames. They can help Sara clean the house and cook. In order to have flames, you need to match three or more of the same food. Move them to form a row or column with at least three of the same food. You also need to pay attention to the target to complete your task. Remember that you don't have too many moves, so you need to use them properly to get the fire. After completing the level, you will receive 1 flame. Try to be able to complete the party preparations.

Controls in Cook & Match: Sara's Adventure

In this game, you only need to use the mouse to control. Hold and drag the left mouse button to move the food icons. You will receive instructions through the conversation between Sara and her roommate. Follow them to complete the mission. The game is quite easy to control. So, it is suitable for everyone. You can recommend your friends to join this game.