Comfy Farm

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The ordinary day in Comfy Farm

Your missions on the farm

Comfy Farm is an amusing arcade game. In the game, you will transform into a farmer and try to grow many agricultural products to get a lot of money.

A very enjoyable day on the farm. You will have a lot of work to do. First, you will start growing free plants like carrots or tomatoes. After planting the seeds of these plants in the fields, you will need to water them. Pay attention to the color of the fields to be able to supply them with water in time. You need to be agile to water them unless they will die. Finally, you should harvest them. You will get many dollars. You can continue to buy other seeds. There are many different types of seeds. You can choose one of them to develop your farm.

When a day ends, you get the total amount that you have earned. Save them to plant more plants or unlock new fields.

Controls your character

To control your character, you need to click into the field for your character to proceed to the location of the plants and perform the quest. You will not need to manipulate much when playing this game.

Some of the threats you face in Comfy Farm

Some threats

While you grow plants, you will need to pay attention to other animals. They can destroy your whole farm. They are also the cause of your plants dying. Chase the black crows. They are trying to steal your corn plants. Run as fast as you can to the crow's area to chase it away. Besides, harmful insects are causing your plants to wilt. If you do not catch them in time, you will have to plant other plants to replace them.

How to remove threats

In the store, you can purchase a wide range of items that can assist you in eliminating these threats. You can use Scarecrow to scare away crows. For insects, using Bird Houses is a great measure. Try your best to protect your farm well.