Coffee Master Idle

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Some missions in Coffee Master Idle

Coffee Master Idle offers a fantastic idle game where you can become a coffee shop owner. You will service your customers to get money and unlock other shops.

To develop your shop, you need to work hard to earn money. Then, complete some missions to get a lot of money.

Bringing coffee to the counter

Before starting your work, you will receive a certain amount. You can use them to open your first coffee shop. You can also open more coffee machines and cashier counters. After the coffee has been successfully made, you need to bring them to the cashier's pants where your customers are waiting to order drinks. You will get a lot of money after they finish buying the drink. You need to bring another cup of coffee to serve more customers. They are waiting to drink your delicious cup of coffee. After you get the money, you can open more tables and chairs. They can help you serve more customers. The number of visitors to your coffee shop is also increasing.

Clean up the trash on the table

After the guests leave satisfied with your service, you need to quickly clean up the trash to welcome the new guests. If you do not clean them, they will not be able to sit at the table. So anger will keep you from getting much bonus. Try to work hard to get a lot of money. Take these items to the trash and dispose of them.

Collect money

As you know, you can collect dollars from the cashier after selling delicious coffee mugs. You need to move the character closer to the cashier position to collect them. In addition, you can also receive tips from your customers. If you make them happy, you will have more money after they leave. Your money will increase significantly. Try to be able to serve all customers. If you let them wait too long, you won't get any money.

Some tips to help you reduce the work for you in Coffee Master Idle

When you first opened a coffee shop, you had a lot of work to do. So you may end up making your customers unhappy. So you need to have smart strategies.

Hire workers

The game allows you to hire more staff. They will help you at the cashier counter. In addition, tasks such as serving drinks, and cleaning up trash are also unnecessary. The staff will help you handle these tasks. You just collect the money and continue to invest it in other stores. Unlock as many shops as you can. Then, you can expand your areas. Sometimes, you can upgrade your workers to make them become more powerful. Their speed and capacity are also increased. You also can train your skills with Spacebar Clicker before joining the game. Good luck!

Buy the power-ups

There are many power-ups in the game. If you choose magnets, you can collect many coins around you. As a result, you can save a lot of time. Also, don't miss the skates. Your service speed also increases significantly. Besides, let's select the X2 Capacity. You can earn a lot of money thanks to them.