Climber Online

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Some facts about Climber Online

The principle of the game

Climber Online is an entertaining arcade game with a ninja character. You have to assist your ninja character in climbing higher before he is drowned by water.

Climbing is one of the skills that any ninja should have. It was a great skill that helped him save himself. Therefore, in this game, you will control your ninja character. You need to help him climb higher because his life is threatened by rising sea levels. He needs to climb higher to survive. The higher you climb, the better. If you can climb faster, you do not need to worry about drowning. So speed up to be able to win. After you climb all the ladders, you can pass the level. Let's continue relaxing with the following levels.

In addition, when climbing, you need to grip firmly and accurately to be able to climb high. Any error can cause the ninja character to fall. Good luck.

How to climb higher

To help your character climb, you will stop the mouse to click on the ladder. You need to be careful when clinging to the ladder. If you slip, you will fall down. As a result, you will not be able to pass the level. You should pay attention to the character's hand. Click the left mouse button as soon as you touch the wooden ladder.

Some features of Climber Online

The progress bar

The progress bar is located in the left corner of the screen. It shows your climbing progress. When the progress bar is full, you can move to the next level. Try your best to fill it out. Let's climb as fast as possible to become the winner. The progress bar also gives you more motivation to reach the finish line.

The gold coins

Your number of gold coins will increase significantly as you collect them. Most gold coins are placed on your way. You shouldn't miss them. They can give you more strength to climb higher. You will reach the finish line quickly. Make an effort to complete the level.