Cannon Strike

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The mechanics of Cannon Strike

Train your shooting skills with a cannon in Cannon Strike. You need to shoot enough balls into the pot to complete the level without losing any balls.

Cannon is a powerful weapon and is used a lot in shooting and fighting games. However, in this game, it becomes cuter than ever because it does not cause any damage. Nor can it destroy anything. In this game, the cannon shoots colorful balls. Your task is to navigate it to be able to hit the pot. If you shoot the required number of balls into the pot, you will complete the mission. However, things are not as simple as you think. You are not allowed to miss it. If you lose a ball, the number of stars you get after finishing the level will decrease by one star. Try to get three stars for the highest reward for each level.

Moreover, it is best if you can play the game with friends. You can conquer the levels in turn. The winner will be the one who conquers the most levels. Remember that the difficulty will increase gradually through the levels. Therefore, you have to be careful with the platforms in the game. Smash Karts is also an exciting game that you can play.

The highlights of Cannon Strike

When you join the game, you can experience it and explore some highlights of the game. Now, let's start the game.

The bounce platforms in the game

There are a lot of platforms appearing on the playing field. When you shoot the ball into them, your ball will bounce. If you are lucky, the ball will drop into the pot. And vice versa. You should take advantage of the platforms to shoot the ball with high accuracy. Besides, you also take caution with the moving platforms. They cannot support you because most balls will drop out when hitting them.

The number of balls in the cannon

Do not lose any balls because the number of balls in the cannon is limited. If you drop too many balls, you will not have enough balls to fill the pot. As a result, you will lose.