Build Your Rocket

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The game rules of Build Your Rocket

Build Your Rocket is one of the exciting arcade games. When joining the game, you will build the best rocket with fuel and power to reach the longest distance.

Astronauts are waiting to be flown into space. You are not supposed to be an expert in building rockets. Can you conquer long distances and send rockets to other planets in the galaxy?

Your first task in this journey is to build a rocket. You will see there are two main factors that help the rocket go up. You will turn fuel and power into the back of the rocket so that it can fly high.

After the rocket flies, you need to fly it to collect dollars. This amount will help you get more fuel and power. As a result, you can reach further distances. Good luck! Try your best to unlock as many planets as possible.

Controls in Build Your Rocket

Controlling the rocket is very simple. Let's start by building it. You will use the mouse to hold and drag the fuel and power toward the rocket's tail. Then, press the Launch button to be able to make the rocket fly. While the rocket is flying, you need to navigate it. Do not let it go off course unless your rocket will reduce fuel and power quickly. Therefore, you will not have enough fuel to reach the new planet. Finally, hold down the left mouse button to accelerate. You will reach the new planet.

You do not need to use too many manipulations when controlling the rocket. You can easily keep up with the game. It can be said that the gameplay and simple controls are the factors that bring success to the game. Are you ready to join this fascinating game?