Bubble Shooter Treasure Rush

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The exciting target in Bubble Shooter Treasure Rush

Participate in Bubble Shooter Treasure Rush to meet the targets. The game requests you to shoot the bubbles to match the same color bubbles and get coins.

When you start playing the game, you need to pay attention to the two objectives listed in the right corner of the screen. Your mission is to explode the required number of colored bubbles to pass the level. Remember that not all colored bubbles are in the target section. You should pay attention to the colored bubbles included in the target to complete them. To make the bubbles explode, you need to match at least three bubbles of the same color. Let's aim and shoot them to match. Try your best to shoot accurately.

Moreover, you have one more important mission. The bubbles will gradually slide down. You need to clean them up before they reach the body. If the bubbles reach the border, you will lose the game. As a result, you have to replay the level.

The reward you can get in Bubble Shooter Treasure Rush

After you complete the level, you will receive a large number of gold coins. They are well-deserved rewards for you. In addition, you can also shoot down bubbles and make treasure chests fall. There are a lot of gold coins in the chest. You will make money on them. The higher the level, the more chests you will encounter. Use your dexterity and ultimate shooting ability to win. Difficult levels are waiting for you. Good luck.