Bubble Farm

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The mechanics of Bubble Farm

You can join Bubble Farm to clean the playing field. The game requests you to shoot bubbles to match three or more same bubbles before they reach the bottom.

You will accompany a farmer in this game. You take on the task of removing all the bubbles with the animals on the farm. You need to shoot bubbles with animal shapes to get rid of them. Match at least three identical bubbles to get rid of them. You need to play until all the bubbles fall down. Then, you can move to the next level.

Moreover, you also need to aim quickly and accurately. These bubbles will gradually drop down. When they reach the bottom, you lose. You need to clear them from the playing field to be the winner. Good luck.

Some tactics to win Bubble Farm

Eliminate the unnecessary bubbles

In the game, you can see the next bubble of the farmer. If you find those bubbles unnecessary or they can't match any other bubbles, you can ignore them. You shoot into the space where there are no bubbles to ignore them. You are not limited to the number of bubbles, so you can remove any bubbles. This way saves you time. You can get more useful bubbles.

Shoot the area with many same bubbles

You should observe the playing field before shooting bubbles. Areas with many similar bubbles are great areas. You should shoot at them to eliminate many bubbles at once. You can win faster. The following levels with higher difficulty are waiting for you. Join it now.