Bowman 2

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The tasks in the main modes in Bowman 2

Train your archery skills through Bowman 2. In the game, you need to adjust the force and direction to shoot the arrow with the highest accuracy.

Like Happy Wheels, when you join the game, you can choose one of the modes to start the game. Each mode has different features. You also complete the tasks in each mode to become the winner. Now, let's start the game.

Vs Human mode

If you choose this mode to start the game, you are allowed to join the game with another one. The two of you will take turns controlling your character to be able to defeat the opponent. You need to aim carefully to complete the mission. Let's destroy the opponent before he does it. You two will use the left mouse button to play the game. Hold and drag the left mouse button to aim. You can release the left mouse button to shoot.

Vs Computer mode

If you also want to participate in a fiery match alone, you can choose this mode. You will play against another character controlled by the computer. Remember that the character controlled by the computer is a formidable opponent. You must take caution when fighting against it. Keep trying to fulfill your mission. Good luck.

The tasks in the other modes in Bowman 2

Two sub-modes were launched with the aim of helping you practice your skills. You will become more proficient and able to keep up with the game. You can play these modes before starting the main modes.

Practice mode

In this mode, you can practice aiming. You can shoot archery until you master it. Pay attention to practice shooting direction adjustments. You also need to adjust the firing force to be able to shoot more accurately. Moreover, this mode has no time limit, so you can play until you can become a master.

Hunt Birds mode

This mode is very interesting. Unlike Practice mode, in this mode, your aim is the birds. They fly in different positions and their speeds are also different. You have to shoot them down at the right time. Try to hunt as many birds as possible.