Bird Flap Up

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The mechanics of Bird Flap Up

Join Bird Flap Up to fly as high as possible with a bird character. To get coins, your character needs to fly over them while trying to avoid many bars.

Your character needs to fly higher to get more points. However, it is very difficult for the bird to flap up higher because of the obstacles. They are bars that can move. You have to wait for the right moment to fly over them. Wait for them to separate and make space. You will navigate the bird flying through that gap. If you are careless, you will crash into them immediately. As a result, you will lose. Be careful.

To control the character, you will only need one operation. If you want to flap up, just hold the left mouse button. You can release the left mouse button to flap down. However, you do not allow land unless the game is over. The game can help you to train your pressing skills. You must be careful to be able to navigate your character.

Some excellent strategies in Bird Flap Up

  • The distance between bars varies. Therefore, you need to adjust the pressure and time of the mouse click to keep the bird's balance.
  • You can flap down, but not down. Let your bird fly lower before the gaps between the bars appear.
  • You will probably lose many times. So to master the game, you should play it many times. You will be the master of the game with the highest scores.