Ball Throw Fight

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The best way to beat enemies in Ball Throw Fight

Roll longer to get bigger balls

Join a fierce battle between a boy and many enemies in Ball Throw Fight. To collect many coins and pass the level, you will create big balls and throw them.

You will transform into a brave guy in this game. You will have to face a lot of opponents. They are characters like you and some people of the tribe. You need to remove them from the playing field before they do. To destroy all opponents, you will use the ball to be able to make them lose their lives. You will hold and drag the left mouse button to roll the ball. The longer you roll, the bigger your ball gets. Then you need to use your mouse to target your opponents. If you want to throw the ball into the rivals, you need to release the left mouse button. These large balls will push players off the field of play. Try to be the last on the playing field.

Use the powerful balls

After each win, you will receive 100 coins. You need to accumulate your coins to buy new balls. Fireballs can help you defeat many opponents at the same time. They have more power than the old balls. So they bring more efficiency. You should use them to be able to earn more gold coins. It is best if you can unlock the new balls.

Some traits of Ball Throw Fight

The skins

In the game, you can change many different types of costumes for your character. The new characters are very eye-catching. They make the game more interesting. Unlocking them is also the goal that you need to complete in this game. Good luck.

The daily rewards

If you are a hard worker, you can get many rewards. Every day there will be different rewards waiting for you. The amount of gold coins you receive will also increase. Join the game hard to get more rewards. The game can help you have hours of entertainment. Are you ready?